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Well holiday time was over and this morning I set off, with Paola (she remains unconvinced that I can get around safely by myself!) to Normal Metro station, about a dozen stops along from Taxquena (pro. Tas – ken – ya ) and from there a short walk to the shopping mall where the English Teacher Training centre is. A rather bizarre first day! The only teacher students were myself and one other, a girl from Nevada, the course instructer went ill after about 15 minutes, and we were left to sit in on two English classes to observe local Mexicans learning the language. The first class turned out to have a test that day, so no observing there. The second class didn’t happen as the students failed to turn up….so off we went home! I didnt massively mind, I was pretty tired, and hopefully things will improve tomorrow!

Anyway, I am going to be pretty busy with this course over the next two weeks, so there will be minimal social events, and few diary entries! So bye for now!

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