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There are good schools for TEFLers to work at in Mexico. And there are bad schools. And then there is the Laughing Coyote School of English. I’ve written about them before, twice in fact, ¬†on my personal blog, because this is, surely, the most bizarre, unprofessional and – some would say – flakiest enterprise in the country. Indeed, I am not the only one to have written about them, not by a long shot. There’s TEFL schools reviews, TEFLTradesman and the accompanying satirical blog – although the saire seems too close to the truth to be true satire! Not forgetting the rather hilarious interview one of the school’s owners gave at TEFLnet. Last but not least there’s the Mexico Teachers Alliance. I strongly suggest reading all the comments – they’re good for a laugh if nothing else.

So why should I write about them a third time? Because they still exist, even though it seems that all but one of their schools has now closed down. Also, the cause of the general outrage amongst TEFLers still exists – the Blacklist. It’s a frankly stupid and childish list of all the native English speaking teachers that had the misfortune of working for them, and some clearly invented and spiteful bile attached to their names. Aside from multiple claims of theft and drunkeness, there’s a few real peaches in there too. My favourite – Mental Disorder Memory Disease. Which sounds like something the Monty Python team would dream up for a comedy sketch. But anyway, the more material there is on the internet for TEFLers to read, the less chance one of them making a terrible mistake and seeking employment at the LCSE.

There’s also a new angle to this story though. Having accused teachers of stealing from them, it now appears that they are the accused in the latest allegation, made by a Dr David Ellsworth of IAAP.org. He has written two comments on one of my previous posts. Whilst I cannot verify that he is 100% who he says he is, and whilst I had doubts after the first comment he left, subsequent investigation leads me to believe he may well be genuine.

Laughing Coyote started five years ago after stealing more than $200,000 pesos from our organization. After mistaking Jeremy Johnson as another Jeremy Johnson who had once worked for us, he and his mother were hired to be teachers within our organization. They collected incription fees and then refused to give them to us. They also refused to return our English Course that is protected by national registry. I am the general director of that organization.

He continues to detail their behaviour and offences. I wish him luck in his pursuit of justice, particularly in that success could mean the end of the Laughing Coyote School and bring to an end the rather infamous TEFL careers of Paloma, Pablo and Jeremy.

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