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Choosing Books

I’ve gone through quite a few course books with my students over the years, and inevitably I have found a few that are now my favourites. It is vital to choose the correct course book from the word go. It needs to be the correct level for the student, and it also needs to be thorough and engaging. And interesting! You’re going to be stuck with your choice for perhaps a year, or even more.

My favourites? I teach upper intermediate and advanced learners in the main, and I have used the Fast Track to CAE book with all of them. It ticks all the right boxes. For lower levels I like the Inside Out series, particularly the pre-intermediate and intermediate books. But the CAE remains top of the pile – I shall be keeping my copy for memory’s sake when I quit Mexico and TEFLing next year. I’ve read it a dozen times now, and nothing will remind me of my experience more than this book!

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