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I managed to get myself interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday. I don’t know why I did it really. I don’t have a ‘Made For Radio’ voice, nor did I have anything original to really add to what’s already out there. And what I had got in mind to say, was said by the BBC correspondent who was interviewed directly before me! Such is life.

I guess I did it firstly because the Beeb asked me, having been pointed in my direction by a Guy, a friend and fellow TEFLer in Mexico City. And because every other blogger was being interviewed and I was feeling left out…! If you are interested in hearing what little I had to say, you just need to click on the Listen Again button for Friday on the Stephen Nolan show webpage. You need RealPlayer on your PC, I’m afraid, and you’ll want to navigate to about 1 hour and 11 minutes into the show.

Otherwise, what to say about today? Quiet again. I had hoped to see Popo and Izta from my class on the 5th floor of an office block this afternoon. They did appear on the horizon back at Christmas when reduced traffic allowed the smog to lift temporarily. But no such luck today. The pollution hasn’t cleared enough. Apparently the program than bans certain cars from being driven on certain days has been suspended to encourage people to stay off the metro and microbuses. Although having a few more bangers on the street can’t be solely responsible.

I also noticed that there are far, far fewer people wearing face masks today. I can’t offer any hard figures based on a scientific survey, but I would say that 50% plus of the population were wearing facemasks on Wednesday. Today, maybe 20%. Why? Well I think a lot of people are fed up of having elasticated masks over their faces now. There are more and more reports hitting the headlines saying that the Swine Flu is actually quite mild and the deaths attributed to it are being drastically reduced. And it has to be said that there is also now a severe shortage of face masks.

But overall….life is getting boring! The sooner this is over the better! When will that be? It’s hard to say, but I imagine a lot of restrictions which were put into place to run up to May 6th will indeed cease to exist.


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