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ELTWorld Job Site

Last month I wrote a post ‘Good Dave, Bad Dave’, which told of the nefarious goings on at a famous ESL/TEFL website. And of a new(ish) site set up for the disaffected, disenchanted and disenfranchised!

ELTWorld.net has gone one further from simply offering a forum, and now offers a full TEFL jobs site, free to use for both advertisers and job hunters. Which beats forking out US$75 that Bad Dave requests. Whether you are after ESL jobs in Mexico or ESL jobs Korea they should soon have something for every job hunter.

I certainly hope they succeed and hit Bad Dave where it hurts – his pocket! He’s already lost a huge chunk of his long term community members, including very recently six year member and TEFL Mexico expert Guy Courchesne. Bad Dave’s loss, Good Dave’s gain. It’ll take a little while to get into full swing I expect, but it has lots going for it – namely a growing community of people who have been ‘living the TEFL dream’ and have lots of experience to share.


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