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TEFL Anniversary

My TEFLing anniversary to be precise. On August 2nd 2005 I gave my first English class in Mexico to some poor students in the Perisur area, so a whole year has now passed. My how time flies!

I still teach those students, and have a few long standing classes, although some students simply come and go. That’s life – when they have to pay for their tuition instead of the company, they are quicker to call it a day when they get too busy/feel they have learned enough etc etc!

It can be fun, it can be boring and just like any other job it never pays enough! Have I any recommendations?

Of course I have learned much more. The TEFL course provider will get you jobs, but chances are their pay rates will suck! No problem. You will find private classes pop up from people you meet and word of mouth, and you will probably get offered classes by more professional schools as you accrue some experience.

For example, I still have a few jobs arranged by the TEFL course peeps, paying just 100 to 120 pesos an hour. I have since picked up classes paying 200 pesos an hour. The minimum is 150 pph! The only reason I still do the other classes is that I like the students – they will come to an end eventually, and I will replace them myself needless to say!

Obviously the year of experience has added to my teaching abilities – hopefully! I do get offered some decent jobs from word of mouth, so I must be doing something right! And I have met some interesting folk here and there who have been making a living from this industry for years. I did mention in my previous post that TEFL’ing won’t make you rich, but I should add you can make a reasonable long term living if you put your mind to it.

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