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When a Mexican comes up to you and tries to practise his or her English, you don’t worry so much about grammatical errors or other language mistakes. They are in the process of learning and you, more often than not, are surprised as to how well they can communicate, even if the speech is a little broken.

But when you are reading literature, signs or other written material produced by major companies here, you expect more. A little research at least. The most laughable example is displayed to all at Metro Auditorio, where a vast collection of data and information about the world’s metros can be seen displayed around the station. What’s the bigger surprise? That they took so much time to find out everything about Newcastle’s little system, or so little time to discover the city isn’t actually called New Castle? One word, chaps, one word….

But I’ve now found something to top that! The below text is an exact reproduction of an article in a tourist pamphlet, aimed at encouraging tourists to take in a horse riding display…

Spectacularness and elegance combines the sport but Mexican of al, the charreria is the national sport by excellence, the charreada is the main event in which we will be able to observe ‘suertes’ (movements) on horse that very few can carry out, since evaluating the control that the rider has on the horse to the bullriding, and the step of the death, this is the most difficult ‘suerte’ (movement), the rider should pass from a horse to another in full movement.

Give a man a PC , a net connection and Babel Fish, and he’ll have a translation shop open in five minutes flat….they are particularly entreprenurial here.

Unfortunately, online translators are not really up to the task of document translation! I typed the text below and translated it to Spanish and back again as an example…..what the hell is a hornada anyway?!?!?!

Online translation sites are not able to fully account for grammatical complexities within each language, and therefore, whilst they are an acceptable means of finding a meaning for individual words, they should not be utilised for the translation of even a small batch of text.

The sites in line of the translation cannot completely explain grammar complexities within each language, and therefore, whereas they are the acceptable means to find a meaning for the individual words, they do not have to be used for the translation of uniform small hornada of the text.

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